Foreign Firms Warned in North Africa

Terrorists in North Africa may be preparing for renewed attacks against foreign interests. US officials received intelligence last week suggesting forthcoming attacks in Algeria, while terrorists may have acquired new weaponry during the chaos of the Libyan conflict.


Local sources claim that potential targets include foreign oil firms operating in North Africa and the Sahel region. Attacks may include al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) operatives conducting missile attacks on aircraft carrying foreign nationals.


AKE sources on the ground reported seeing large stores of weaponry left unguarded in the Tripoli area. It is therefore not inconceivable that hostile groups could have seized control of weapons which could then be used to conduct terrorist attacks elsewhere in North Africa.


The latest threat is reportedly being attributed to AQIM, which has stepped up its campaign of violence in recent months. Foreign firms in North Africa, particularly those involved in the energy sector, are advised to exercise caution as a result of the threat. AKE advises companies to  review their security procedures, particularly in neighbouring Algeria.


Alan Fraser is a Libya specialist with AKE, a British risk mitigation company working in Libya throughout the crisis. You can access AKE’s intelligence website Global Intake here, and you can obtain a free trial of AKE’s Iraq intelligence reports here.

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