Libyan Airlines to start flights to Malta next week

According to the Malta International Airport website a Libyan Airlines flight LN 144/145 is due to land at MIA on 16 November at 2pm.
There is no information yet as to any Air Malta flights to Libya, one of the key areas of its operations from the airline’s inception. Recently, at the end of the Libyan uprising, agreement was reached that Air Malta can now fly to Benghazi as well.

Meanwhile, another connection between Malta and Libya was inaugurated yesterday when the ship Azzurra began its 14-hour voyage to Tripoli harbour.

The new Malta-Libya sea link will be operated by Mediterranean Maritime Services, a new strategic partnership formed by the Zammit Group, Fergün Shipping Co. Limited and BH Group to offer businesses and passengers a direct and reliable sea-freight link between the two countries.

At the crowded and very optimistic inauguration reception, held on Tuesday, local and Libyan businessmen as well as ship handlers and freight operators expressed high hopes regarding the resumption of trade links between Malta and Libya.

(Source: The Malta Business Weekly)
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