Libya to reopen Qatar embassy within ten days

Libya will reopen its embassy in Doha within 10 days, the representative of the Libyan Transition Council in Qatar has said.

"The new ambassador will be appointed within the next few days and will take up his post within ten days," Abdul Munsif Al Bouri said.

"The reopening of the embassy will reinforce bilateral relations that have been consolidated considerably by Qatar's political, military, logistic and humanitarian role in support of the Libyan people," he said, quoted by Qatari daily Al Sharq on Thursday.

Al Bouri, who made the announcement during the opening of an exhibition on Ali Hassan Al Jaber, a Qatari cameraman who was killed on assignment in Libya, said that he was shocked by statements that belittled the Qatari role towards Libyans.

Qatar has been accused by some Libyan political figures of allegedly favouring Islamist leaders and supplying them with funds and weapons.

However, Al Bouri denied the charges.

"We value the Qatari role and I believe that we need now to reassess it objectively in order to be fair to those who supported us during the plight we suffered in order to get rid of a dictatorial regime," he said.

"The voices that spoke out against this role do not represent the Libyan people. They may be individual voices and I do not really know who stands behind them. We are ready to sit with our brothers in Qatar to remove any confusion or mistake or inappropriate statement towards those who supported us in our ordeal," he said.

(Source:  Gulf News)

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