Jordan Keen on Role in Reconstruction of Libya

Libya is keen to involve Jordanian expertise in the reconstruction of Libya, the Kingdom of Jordan's Industry and Trade Minister Sami Gammoh told a news conference in the Jordanian capital, Amman recently. This interest is also shared by Jordanian officials, he added.

Mr Gammoh said that the Jordanian private sector can offer services and assistance in the fields of health, pharmaceuticals, food industries, education and universities, indication, The Jordan Times said, that Jordanian construction firms have the capabilities to have a key share in the Libyan market.

As Jordan is set to enjoy good economic ties with Libya, the Jordanian minister said preparations are ongoing for him to lead a delegation of officials from his ministry and the private sector representatives to visit Libya and discuss a number of matters relating to his portfolio.

Jordan also has strong trade links with Syria, but Gammoh said these may remain unchanged despite the Arab League's sanctions against its northern neighbouring country.

He said Jordan will not be obliged to implement the economic sanctions against Syria, because, according to the UN Charter, Jordan cannot be forced to take part in the sanctions if the penalties hurt the interests of the Kingdom and the people.

Gammoh pointed out that around 60 per cent of Jordan's external trade is through Syria, which he described as the gateway for Jordanian products to Turkey and Europe.

Expressing optimism about the performance of Jordan's economy in 2012, Gammoh said that Jordan can be a bright spot in a turbulent region.

He was also reported saying that a number of legislations would be implemented next year in a bid to boost the performance of the economy and enhance the business and investment environment in the country.

(Source: Tripoli Post)

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