French FM Acknowledges Youths as Hope for the Future of Libya

During a two-day visit to Libya a few days ago, French Foreign minister Alain Juppé commended the Libyan people for their courage in in standing up to the Al Qathafi regime, and acknowledged that the Libyan youth were "the force of the revolution and are the hope for the future."

The French minister made the remarks as he addressed the students and staff of the Tripoli university during his two-day visit to the country a few days ago. In an hour-long speech he spoke about the Libyan revolution, how France could help Libya and about the “Arab Spring” in general.

The French foreign minister ensured that France will keep supporting Libya just as it already has, on three occasions, that is, by recognising the National Transitional Council, NTC, calling for the removal of Al Qathafi, and also by protecting civilians.

Mr. Juppé repeatedly pointed out throughout his speech, that it would not be the foreign countries that will rebuild Libya. “It is you, and you alone who will build the future Libya," he said, adding that however, France was ready to provide support. "And we want to help you build the future Libya through true collaboration," he said.

Mr. Juppé mentioned three sectors France intends to help Libya in, namely, education, healthcare and security.


He welcomed students from Tripoli university to study in France and said that France also hopes to double the number of scholarships to Libyan students from 300 to 600.

"We are also determined to encourage the teaching of the French language in Libya," Juppé said, as such, he announced that the French school in Tripoli would soon reopen. He also announced, France would be opening a French youth cultural institute in Benghazi where,"they can discover French culture in its diversity and richness."

The announcement of the cultural centre got by far the largest round of applause from the mainly young audience because he said that, "Contrary to other French institutions this institution will not bear the name of a writer or a historical figure, but we will call it 'The House of Freedom' in honour of the courage of the Libya youth."


France is recommitted to delivering the needed treatment and care to the injured Libyan revolutionaries in French hospitals Mr Juppé said, adding that it is his country's will to expand the French-Libyan collaboration beyond the Benghazi medical centre. He also announced that the minister of health would soon be visiting Libya to meet with his Libyan counterpart.


When it comes to security, the French FM said that France is able, and ready to support the security force needed for the future of Libya. “We would like to help Libya to live in peace so that it becomes an element of stability in the complex regional environment," he said.

During his meeting with the university students, Mr. Juppé encouraged French companies to invest in Libya, adding that the Libyans would in turn benefit from the expertise of the French and be able to create jobs for the Libyan youth.

(Source: Tripoli Post)

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