Libya Will be Marzouki’s First Official Visit

President Moncef Marzouki announced on the day following his election that Libya will be the destination of his first official international visit. Marzouki will be traveling to Libya January 2, 2012.

“He received an official invitation to visit Libya. The visit aims to show support for the Libyan Revolution and to reinforce Tunisian-Libyan relations. He will meet Libyan officials and businessmen,” said Imed Dayni, head of the presidential bureau.

Marzouki’s choice to visit Libya initially came as a surprise. The trip represents a break from the diplomatic tradition of former Tunisian Presidents, who paid their first official visits to Algeria. He will be accompanied by a large ministerial delegation. Dayni explained that Marzouki opted to visit Libya first due to the shared transitional experience the two countries are undergoing, which requires increased coordination between Tunisia and Libya.

(Source: Tunisia Live)

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