Libya: Moroccan businessmen urged to participate in rebuilding Libya

A high-powered Libyan delegation visiting Morocco has called on Moroccan businessmen and economic operators to participate in rebuilding the country, a statement from the Moroccan Exporters Association (ASMEX) said on Friday.

At a meeting in Casablanca with ASMEX members, the Libyan delegation said the country’s emergency needs included airport infrastructure, military dresses and drugs.

ASMEX said the Libyan market had always been the concern of Moroccans and expressed the willingness to work with the Libyans for trade and investment between the two countries to resume.

The two parties have agreed to hold, in March, a high-level meeting in Libya aimed at enabling ASMEX to be at the same level as its competitors on the Libyan market.

The visit of the Libyan delegation is part of consultations launched by ASMEX for the development of economic and commercial ties between Morocco and Libya.

(Source: Afrique en Ligne)

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