Foreign Ministry Still Recommending Ukrainians Hold Back From Travels To Libya

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is still recommending Ukrainian citizens to hold back from travels to Libya since the unstable socio-political situation in the country, Foreign Affairs Minister Kostiantyn Hryschenko wrote on his page in the social network Twitter.

"The Foreign Affairs Ministry still officially does not recommend Ukrainians to visit Libya," he notes.

Commenting on the situation with the Ukrainians detained in Libya, Hryschenko wrote that he is every day reported to about the conditions of their keeping, and the Foreign Ministry is applying every effort to guarantee their safety and return home.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, 22 Ukrainians has been under arrest in Tripoli, Libya since August 2011.

The new Libyan authorities suspect them of collaboration with Muammar Gaddafi, former Libyan leader deposed in the 2011 civil war.

(Source: Ukrainian News Agency)

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