UAE ready to help Libya with skills and knowledge

The UAE is willing to help the Libyan government in anyway that it can, with skills or transfer of knowledge, as well as encouraging businesses from the UAE to invest in Libya.

"Libya at this stage is in need of many things, and the UAE has specific skills we can offer," Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, told Gulf News just after arriving in Tripoli at the head of a 100-strong senior business and government delegation to look at opportunities in Libya.

"We have many areas of success in administration, which is highly compatible with an Arab and Muslim country like Libya. I think there can be good cooperation in these areas," he added.

The Emirati delegation followed others from many other countries which have visited Libya in recent weeks but was easily the best organised, according to a Libyan businessman in the welcoming party, who expected the visit to bring solid results. 

Major concern

"Our country needs investment, and we urgently need transfer of knowledge," he said.

Libya has suffered both the impact of the year-long war to remove Gaddafi, but also 40 years of neglect under the previous regime. Finding the skills needed for institutional rebuilding are a major concern for the Libyan government.

The delegation travelled to the Libyan capital on Etihad Airways' inaugural flight to Tripoli, which Gargash described "as an important day."

He emphasised the importance of the business side of the delegation, pointing out that businesses investing in Libya will bring both their capital, but also their knowledge and skills, which are badly needed in Libya.

"We are trying to consolidate the very good existing political relationship between the UAE and Libya, and then to fan it out so that we can play a role in many of the administrative, economic and development activities that Libya needs."

Areas of activities

Gargash listed multiple areas of business activities, including the UAE community's traditional strengths in oil and gas, telecommunications, ports and airlines. After arriving, Gargash called on the head of the Libyan Transitional Government, Abdul Rahim Al Kib who welcomed the delegation and also thanked the UAE for its support for the Libyan people over the past year.

(Source: Gulf News)

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