Etisalat showcases its vision on the 'Broadband for all' TEDx Tripoli

Libyan Prime Minister Adurrahim Elkieb opened last week TEDx Tripoli, the first major conference to be held in Libya following the revolution, which attracted a passionate panel of business leaders, entrepreneurs and educationalists.

Etisalat chairman Mohammed Omran attended opened today TEDx Tripoli which was held on February 13, accompanied by a high level delegation from Etisalat to include Mr. Jamal Al Jarwan, Etisalat’s chief regional officer -Etisalat Asia and Ahmed bin Ali, group senior vice president, corporate communications.

In his presentation to the conference Mohammed Omran Etisalat Chairman, spoke about the role played by the telecommunications sector in the development of communities, referring to the address of Adurrahim Elkieb the Libyan Prime Minister at the opening session of the conference on the establishment of a modern state to achieve a decent life for the entire nation and the key role of science, technology and innovation in the development of the states.

Omran sets out Etisalat`s vision of “Broadband for all” to drive economic transformation in emerging markets a strategy implemented by the company in all its operations around the globe. He said “Telecommunications is transformational”. It transforms economies, it connects communities, it facilitates business and it improves the lives of individuals. No other industry can have such a profound impact, especially in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia.”

Omran added “The quality of life, prospering communities and resilient economy depend on substantial networks and infrastructure besides the continued ability to compete successfully on the global level and on the quality of the systems. He explained Etisalat`s experience to connect the unconnected and deliver broadband everywhere. He added; “We build a bridge to the future for the communities we serve, we invest in networks and provide the appropriate technologies to take charge of the futures”.

On the other hand Etisalat`s delegation listened to the views of the other speakers at the event which included H.H. Doctor/ Mustafa Abushagur, Libyan Deputy Prime Minister who spoke about innovation and creativity in the Islamic world; emphasizing that real economy require real technology. Number of others speakers include Mr. Aref Ali Nayed, Libyan ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, filmmaker Mr. Abdulaziz Belhaj, and Mr. Perry Chen, co-founder and chief executive of Kickstarter, the innovative online platform for funding creative projects also spoke at the conference.

Omran concluded: "The provision of advanced services that contribute to change the style and quality of living is a true example of the ability of advanced technologies to change the equations and to support economic prosperity of nations. In Egypt, “Etisalat Egypt" introduced the first video call in the history of Egypt, while in Nigeria "Etisalat Nigeria" has introduced the third-generation technology in the region, and Sudan through “Canar “expanded network fiber optic cabling by 3600 km at the national and 850 km at the local level in major cities to provide service to mobile operators, Internet and the business sector . Sudan became the African East Gate of the Internet around the world.

(Source: Tripoli Post)

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