Shinhan Engineering backs Korean doctors in Libya

Shinhan Engineering and Construction, a leading Korean builder, is financially backing a team of Korean doctors and other medical staff engaged in volunteer work in Libya, which is struggling to recover from a ravaging civil war.

Shinhan’s team of medical workers arrived in the country on Feb. 19 and has begun examining and treating local residents at the Zawiyah Teaching Hospital in Al Zawiyah. They will return to Korea on Feb. 25 after a five-day stay.

Shinhan’s team consists of 30 doctors, nurses and pharmacists specializing in various medical fields such as internal medicine, neurology, dentistry, orthopedics, pediatrics, neurosurgery and plastic surgery.

For the volunteer program, Shinhan has collaborated with the Zawiyah Teaching Hospital and the Korea University Medical Center. The company said they have also received support from Libyan government authorities such as the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure, Ministry of Health, Housing and Infrastructure Board and Organizational Development of Administrative Centers.

Shinhan has been executing various projects in Libya since 2008. It has built or signed construction deals for houses and infrastructure, which totaled 5,000 in Al Zawiyah and another 5,000 in Tripoli.

(Source: Korea Times)

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