Finnish know-how sought in Libya rebuilding

Finnish experts will soon start working in Libya to help the country get back on its feet after the civil war. Libya needs support in areas including border control, healthcare and forensic medicine.

Post-war Libya faces the challenge of rebuilding and providing services to its citizens. Finland is pitching in at Libya's request for expert help.

The Finnish Foreign Ministry has been negotiating with the new Libyan authorities since autumn, and Finland is taking part in at least five projects.

Finland’s special representative in Libya, Risto Veltheim, says that Libya has put forward two main requests: mapping out healthcare and helping to identify about 20,000 bodies of people who lost their lives during the civil war.

Another major task for new Libya is ensuring border control. During Muammar Qaddafi’s rule, hundreds of thousands of migrant workers from Africa and Asia entered the country.

Finland’s member of the border control team begins work in Libya this week, while the healthcare team and forensic experts are expected to start in April.

(Source: Uutiset)

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