Britain will continue to support Libya

David Davis and Ibrahim El Mayet were right to say Britain can and should help in Libya. We are doing just that. The Libyan government is clear about the scale of the challenge to rebuild a state after 42 years of dictatorship and an internal conflict. While not dismissing the problems, we see signs of optimism: security is improving as former militia members are brought into state structures; the economy is getting back on its feet with the reopening of the stock market and the agreement of the Libyan budget; and civil society is flourishing.

The British government – alongside international partners – is ramping up its support ahead of democratic elections in June. We moved swiftly to establish a presence after fighting ceased. Our British embassy team in Tripoli is working with UN partners to support preparations, and with Libyan community groups to empower Libya's women, youth and minorities to ensure they are represented in the transition process. UK prison experts are advising on reforming the Libyan prison sector, including addressing mistreatment; others are engaging on strategic communications and border security; and a senior UK police officer is helping build the capacity of the ministry of interior as they integrate militia members into the new national security structures.

Next week Libyan counterparts will visit the National Audit Office, when the UK will share the expertise the article championed as Libya takes its revolution another step further away from the corruption and waste of the Qadhafi regime. We are also ensuring the Libyans get the IMF and World Bank support they need to improve public financial management. Britain will continue to support this Libyan journey.

(Source: Guardian)

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