Minister of Petroleum Invites Libyan Counterpart to Discuss Shared Issues

Minister of Petroleum Awad Ahmed Al-Jaz, has invited his Libyan counterpart to visit Sudan in order to discuss issues of mutual concern, especially oil.

The Minister commended the desire expressed by the Libyan Holding Oil company (Oilibya) to broaden its business range in Sudan in the oil services and oil derivatives distribution fields. In a meeting with Ibrahim Bugaighis yesterday, the Minister said that his Ministry encourages such businesses and that the relations with Libya are strong and deep-rooted, urging the company to also invest in the technical services field.

The Minister called upon all the companies operating in the field of oil derivatives distribution to commit to safety measures in all their activities.

On his part, the manager of the company accepted the invitation of the Oil Ministry to invest in the technical services field, affirming their commitment to enforcing safety measures in all their operations.

On the other hand, the Minister discussed the arrangements of the greater mobilization organized by the General Union of the Workers of Electricity, Oil, Dams, and Mining sectors with the president of the union, a mobilization effort that is aimed at supporting the Armed Forces.

(Source: Sudan Vision Daily)

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