US and Malta to develop partnership to stimulate business in Libya

Finance Minister Tonio Fenech welcomed Lorraine Hariton, US State Department Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs, to discuss possible areas of cooperation between Malta and the US with a view to social, political and commercial activity in Libya.

Ms Hariton is responsible for State Department outreach to the business community and commercial advocacy efforts. She works with the business community worldwide to coordinate commercial diplomacy efforts supporting US foreign policy objectives.

She discussed with Mr Fenech the relationship Malta has built with Libya in all sectors, the security situation in Libya as well as the opportunities that exist for possible investment and development. Both governments, the DOI said, hope to build upon this meeting to provide access to the ‘Malta discovery process’ to US firms wishing to do business in the region.

Mr Fenech expressed the hope that this visit would be the foundation stone for a possible long-term partnership at a political and economic level between the US and Malta which may necessitate partnerships between US and Maltese firms on larger projects in Libya.

(Source: The Malta Independent Online)

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