OPINION: Expanding Internet in Libya - Maryam Hedayat

Communication is an important part of our life. The human society thrives on it. As living beings, we need to express and understand the expressions of others.

In primitive time people use to send communication through person to person. As time progressed people began to share information through letters by post office.

But human curiosity did not stop there. The inventions kept on going. As a result, system of telegraph came into birth.

In 1876 the most common mode of communication, i.e. telephone was invented. It is also known as home phones.

In contemporary times we have a lot of means to communicate, a lot of facilities available and a variety of options before us. But the most popular, the most advanced and the fastest form of communication in this age is the incredible invention of the internet.

The history of the Internet began with the development of computers in the 1950s. But the use of internet was exploded after 1990. In 1992 internet access was available for common public and its use exploded in a very short time. .

Now it is a household word. The rise of the Internet has been probably one of the most revolutionary things that have happened to our lives in recent history.

The internet is a medium with which we can view information from anywhere in the world. It has made information available in a quick and easy manner.

The internet plays a great role in removing the borders on nations, and assisting in the process of globalization.

In a matter of seconds we can now communicate with people around the world, whether for important business matters or just talking to friends.

Our dependence on internet is now greater than it has been ever before. For everything we rely on internet, such as watching TV, talking to friends, reading newspapers, withdrawing money from bank, playing games, for business activities and even shopping.

With search engines like Google, Yahoo or websites like YouTube, email such as Hotmail, Gmail and so on, we remain connected to far away relatives as if they are sitting in other rooms.

Use of internet in today’s era is no longer a luxury but a necessity. If discovery or research is our choice, internet comes to our rescue as a good friend philosopher and a guide.

We are now so used to it that we cannot even imagine life without internet. When there is no internet we feel as if we are missing something very important. The day looks colourless and the hours seem longer to pass.

We also feel we are totally cut off from the world, and the communication with friends and relatives become very difficult to make. Newspapers, magazines and other forms of access to information are completely hindered.

Truly if there is no internet or weak signal the whole pleasure of living life is affected. While sitting, moving or working, the use of internet is very common on mobile, laptop and computer. A person wishes to be connected all the time and all the while.

Sadly these days we are facing big problems as far as good services of internet are concerned in Libya especially in Zliten and other remote areas of the country. Most of the time we are without internet, and sometimes if there is internet, the signal is too weak to work.

The average internet speed in the country is really very poor. According to the Akamai report, South Korea has world's best internet infrastructure with average speed of over 17mbps. In comparison, China is 86th on the list with the average speed of 1.5mbps. Brazil has an average speed of 1.8mbps.

Libya is among the countries with worst internet connections. Nigeria, Nepal and Iran also have the same weak connection.

Rapid expansion of the Internet holds substantial promise for developing nations. Libya has much to gain from the revolution in communication and information access.

The speedy Internet serves all sectors of society. The areas of education, health, social policy, commerce and trade, government, agriculture, communications, and science and technology all benefit from Internet access to information and to individuals through electronic mail.

But there is also a big problem on the way, that is, the higher rate for the service every month. A common person in the society can not pay higher price for the internet connection. It should be cheap so that it is accessible to everyone.

We hope the new government takes all necessary measures in universalizing the availability of the internet in the country. It will not only help the individuals but also the nation as a whole.

(Source: Tripoli Post)

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