Libyan postwar reconstruction eyes Chinese firms

Visiting Libyan Foreign Minister Ashour Ben Khayil said Monday that an open Libya welcomes Chinese businesses' engagement in the postwar reconstruction of the war-battered country. 

Khayil told Xinhua that Libya attaches great importance to China's role in the country's reconstruction. He said Libya will strive to safeguard the lawful rights and interests of Chinese businesses in Libya. 

Chinese businesses in recent years have undertaken construction projects in Libya in a broad range of areas including infrastructure, railroads, telecommunications, and petroleum and natural gas, said Khayil who arrived in Beijing Saturday on a five-day visit. 

Since violence flared up in Libya in February last year, all of the projects have had to be closed, he said. Many of the projects, he said have been confiscated, damaged, or even plundered. 

The Chinese government has been actively negotiating with Libya concerning such issues as compensation and the reopening of projects now that an interim government has been established. 

Khayil said the Libyan government has set up a special panel to investigate the damages suffered by foreign businesses, including those from China, and to address issues concerning compensation. 

(Souce: China Daily)

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