Commission for Integrity and Patriotism

There has been widespread public support for the work of the Commission for Integrity and Patriotism, despite the lack of transparency about the standards it used in its decisions. The commission decides which candidates are able to run in the Libyan elections.

Neither the commission nor the election commission explained the reasons for its decisions about disqualification of particular candidates from running in the elections.

The multistage vetting system was established as part of an arduous electoral law passed this spring. Those prohibited from standing for the election include officials who held upper-level governmental positions under Gadhafi, worked for charity organizations affiliated with his family, or had their education paid for by Gadhafi's government. People with commercial ties to Gadhafi's family or stole public funds are also barred from office.

Candidates had to submit to a criminal-background check conducted by the new Interior Ministry and a separate check by the Defense Ministry to ensure that candidates aren't members of the country's new security or military bodies. The vetting committee also assessed the financial, educational and political backgrounds of each candidate.

Members of the vetting commission encouraged citizens to submit complaints about potential candidates.

(Source: Wall Street Journal)

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