Libya Trade Mission: 16-20 September

The Middle East Association will be leading a high-profile Trade Mission to Libya from 16th to 20th September, visiting Tripoli.

Scheduled after the summer elections, this mission takes place at the perfect time to engage with the Libyan market, as Libyans lay out the future plans for their economy and the rebuilding of their country. The mission will be multi-sector, with an emphasis on:

  • Oil, Gas & Power
  • Construction & Infrastructure, including Airports, Ports, Transport & Water
  • Education, Training & Skills
  • Business & Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Technology & ICT
  • Civil Security

The Libyan economy is expected to recover rapidly from 2010-2011 levels, with annual GDP growth projected to be 13.7% during 2012-2016. GDP contracted by 27.9% in 2011 but there is an expected growth rebound of 28.8% in 2012.

There is strong UK government support for developing long-term relationships with Libya, both at the ministerial level and through an increased range of products from UK Export Finance.

The MEA is currently working closely with UKTI in Libya to put together a group mission programme, and will also be arranging networking receptions for mission delegates.

There will also be sponsorship opportunities connected with the mission. To find out more, please contact the MEA. To sign up for a mission prospectus, containing full details and costs, just email your details to the MEA’s travel partners, CT Group Travel - [email protected], or call on 01892 673435.

(Source: Middle East Association)

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