Why not Libya? - by H.E. Mr. Daeshick Jo

Having grown up in Korea during the 70’s when Korea just started its process of democratisation and economic development after going through its colonial era and war, I can find striking similarities between the challenges that Libya is currently facing and that of Korea from a few decades ago.

Libya made history by its revolution which gave inspiration to the world. As Libya is currently going through a profound transformation process in many aspects, I would like to be a part of the country’s efforts in making a new Libya by sharing my own personal experience. As part of these efforts I would like to contribute and share some of my thoughts of optimism on the future of Libya.

Some people think that Libya’s future is bright because of its abundant natural resources with the relatively small population. However, my opinion is a little different. I am optimistic about Libya’s future because of the many witnesses of the revolution who strive to cherish and continue this legacy. 

The Libyans who witnessed this historic revolution are the most important asset for Libya’s future. Libya's future depends on the capability of overcoming the obstacles they will encounter and this capability comes from a shared sense of pride amongst those witnesses. Such national pride comes from the shared witnessing of a historic revolution and its success.

As one of the eyewitnesses of both the revolution in Libya today, and the past struggle of Korea in the 70's, I am confident that Libya will overcome any challenges and hardships because of the powerful asset: the witnesses of history.

(Source: H.E. Mr. Daeshick Jo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea taken from the Tripoli Post)

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