Libya should focus on rebuilding efforts

Libya should look at today is how the future of the country is to be built.

After decades of brutal dictatorship rule, the Libyan people made a decision that it was time for change to commence in their country. The nation also agreed that the best way forward was to include all factions regardless of their affiliation — be it political, tribal, or otherwise. And hence came the first democratic election that has been on the whole, peaceful and organised.

Without a doubt this had been a historic moment for the people of Libya. Not only have they been able to come together in unity to seek the same goal, but have also made sure that the divisions that have characterised the country over the decades did not pose any significant threat to the entire process.

Yet at the same time the route towards a fully fledged democracy and the process of nation-building is still new and could be easily thwarted by numerous dangers. The stand-off between various militia groups is dangerous and stands as one of the main challenges for the country’s institutions. For weeks, rival militias have clashed in Kufra and Sabha in the south, Benghazi in the east, Zintan in the west and in Zuara on the Tunisian border.

This reflects the fragility of the security situation in post-revolutionary Libya — one that could turn into a serious destabilising element if it did not fully come under control very soon.

Regardless of the leadership that takes over the mantle in Libya, the country’s agenda must focus on rebuilding efforts and the establishment of democratic and transparent institutions. This can only begin when peace and stability is ensured.

(Source: Gulf News)

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