New Oil Pipeline from Anafura to Amal

The s National Oil Corporation (NOC) and the Arabian Gulf Company for Oil have entered an agreement with Wintershall (Libya) to build a crude oil pipeline from the Anafura field (affiliated with the Arabian Gulf Company) to the Amal field (affiliated with the Harouge Oil Operations Company).

The 24-inch pipeline will be approximately 55 km long, and reportedly will have a capacity of 100 thousand barrels per day. The project will include all components for the pipeline, control valves installation, isolation of different sizes, cathodic protection system and strengthening pumping station to control charge of pressure.

This project is one of the first projects to be implemented after the revolution of February 17 and the total cost is estimated of about 31.4 million Euros. It is now in advanced stages as engineering studies has been conducted and a contract to supply the required materials have been received the first shipment of pipes. The contracting of installation and construction has been also done as installations is scheduled to commence at the start of August.

The completed project is due to be handed over to the Arabian Gulf Company by the end of March 2013.

A Committee called "follow-up committee" has been formed to follow the implementation of the project. It consists of members of NOC, Arabian Gulf Company and Wintershall, to follow the progress of work, review and approve contracts for procurement, construction and engineering studies related to this project and members are:

  1. Hadi Mohammed Hadi (NOC management and maintenance projects)
  2. Bashir Mohammed Mahamed Saleh (NOC management and maintenance projects)
  3. Awad Mohammed Akoider (Arabian Gulf Company)
  4. Abdenasser Alnajar (Wintershall Company)
  5. Yinz Balmirz (Wintershall Company).
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