Benghazi Local Council moves to resolve rubbish crisis

Benghazi Local Council is to purchase 10-15 new dustbin lorries, having already bought several hundred new skips, in an attempt to resolve the city’s mounting rubbish crisis.

In spite of efforts to clean the city since the end of last year’s revolution, a shortage of necessary equipment has resulted in mounting piles of rubbish going uncollected in some areas.

“The general public services company has a chronic shortage of dustbin lorries equipped with hydraulic lifting and crushing systems”, said Khaled Al-Jazwi, spokesman of the Benghazi Local Council.

“We have approached a factory in Tajoura, Tripoli, about purchasing 10 new lorries, and because of the special price they have offered us, we may consider buying 15.”

Al-Jazwi said that whilst smaller towns such as Beida had 30-40 such vehicles, Benghazi only had four at present.

He warned, however, that the new vehicles would take at least one month to arrive and that Benghazi would rent the needed equipment in the meantime.

The spokesman also said that the local council had contracted 30 local companies to collect rubbish from side streets owing to the fact that the general services company only collects from the main roads.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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