Libya to Pay Patients' Medical Bills to Jordan

Petra News Agency reports that bills for treating Libyan patients at Jordanian private hospitals will be paid once stability returns to Libya.

The remarks from the Head of the Libyan patients affairs committee, Ali Bin jalil, came during a meeting on Monday that brought together representatives the from the Jordanian Hospitals Association, the head of the Libya patients affairs committee, and the Managing Director of Scope Health Insurance Management Co. Luai Abu Obeid.

The Libyan official however, did not give a specific date for repayment.

Bin Jalil said the Libyan side was committed to results of the auditing process carried out by Scope Health Insurance Management Co.

Earlier, Libya repaid $230 million in medical bills for Jordan.

Bin Jalil said that 57,900 Libyans visited Jordan since the start of conflict in Libya, 80 percent of whom came for treatment. He added that 3 to 4 thousand Libyans remained in the Kingdom for medical treatment.

The President of the Jordanian Hospitals Association, Zuheir Abu Faris, stressed the need for a specific time schedule for examining bills of Libyan patients in line with the protocol that had been agreed upon between the two sides.

Director of Scope Health Insurance Management Co. said that company had finished auditing 40,000 bills adding the process is expected to be completed by the end of August.

(Source: Petra)

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