Turkey Boosts Role in Libya by Training Police

Turkey is training Libyan law enforcement to help establish security and promote a peaceful transition to democracy in a united Libya.

817 Libyan police academy students arrived in Istanbul last week to train at the Adile Sadullah Mermerci Police Centre, where they will spend seven and a half months before returning to home to take up police duties.

Last year, Ankara presented Libya with 30 police vehicles and 6,000 uniforms as part of the training programme.

There are students from 18 different countries that are being trained at the police academy. Ankara is also working to train Libya's judges, prosecutors and employees at corrections facilities, according to the officials. Turkey is providing financial support and has signed a number of oil deals.

"Our only goal and wish is that free Libya fulfills its development expectations on both security and socio-economic fronts," said Fevzi Sanverdi, a ruling AKP politician and former chairman of the Turkey-Libya Friendship Group.

Libya was a major Turkish trading partner before the revolution, with $2.4 billion in bilateral trade, largely oil imports from the resource rich country. The two countries have waived travel visas to boost trade.

Turkey seeks to lead in the region by advocating democracy in the Middle East and Northern Africa. It is increasingly seen as a regional model because of its democratic system, economic development and Muslim identity.

"We believe that we are the best model for our Libyan brothers," Sanverdi told SES Türkiye. "We are ready to promote our best for Libya's future."

(Source: Turkish Weekly)

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