Libya's new government to take power soon

Libya's National Transitional Council said it expects to transfer power to the new General National Congress Wednesday.

Council member Othman Ben Sassi said Thursday the time between the July 7 election, and the announcements of preliminary and final results was long enough for anyone to challenge the results, the Tripoli Post said.

Nouri Alabaar, chief of Libya's High Election Commission, said 37 appeals were considered by the magistrates, with five not accepted and 31 rejected. One appeal was accepted and the name of the winning candidate was dropped, he said.

The commission's board received 16 election-related complaints, rejecting seven and referring three for further review, Alabaar said.

The General National Congress is made up of 80 individuals representing political parties and 120 independent representatives, the Post said. Among its first tasks will be to set up an interim government until the 2013 elections.

The Post said the country's constitution will be drafted by a 60-member committee.

(Source: UPI)

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