Libya-Tunisia Border Crossing Closed

The Libyan-Tunisian border crossing between Dahiba [Dehiba, Dhiba] and Wazin [Wazen, Wazn, Wazzen, Wazzin] was closed by the Libyan authorities on Sunday following angry clashes between Libyans and Tunisians over the weekend.

According to the Libya Helrald, the dispute started on Friday between when a Libyan and a Tunisian, both unnamed, were involved in an argument, which by Saturday had degenerated into a general conflict between Libyans and Tunisians.

A Libyan vehicle on the Tunisian side of the border in Dahiba was attacked, as were three Tunisian vehicles on the Libyan side.

The Libyans said today they had closed the border “to prevent the situation escalating”.

The mayor of the Dahiba, Mohkhtar Amri, said a meeting took place between the security forces and members of local civil society organisations and it was decided to compensate the vehicle owners and work to ensure better collaboration between officials on both side of the border.

(Sources: Libya Herald, TAP)

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