UK Visa Procedures will be Simplified “When Feasible”

The British government has said that it is prepared to simplify the visa process for Libyan citizens wishing to travel to the UK, when it is feasible.

The statement from London made today to Libya Herald followed reports that

Prime Minister Abdurrahim Al-Kib [Al-Keeb, Al-Keib] had reportedly approached the British Foreign Office, requesting simplification of its “complex” visa application procedures. He is believed to have offered a similar easing of Libyan bureaucracy for British travellers to Libya.

According to a report from Libya Herald, a UK spokesman explained:

The British Government holds regular talks with the Libyan government, including on bilateral areas of interest such as the visa processes operated by both countries.

“We are clear that the UK is open for business, and will implement improvements to the service we offer in Libya and elsewhere where this is feasible.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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