Nearly 1 Million Jobs for Egyptians in Libya

During a visit to Cairo last week, Libyan Prime Minister Abdul-Rahman al-Kib [Al-Keeb, Al-Keib] (pictured) said there would be nearly 1 million job opportunities for Egyptian migrant workers in Libya in the near future.

Al-Kib met with Egypt’s President Mohammad Mursi and Prime Minister Hisham Qandil to discuss increasing cooperation in a number of areas, particularly in commerce, industry, education and agriculture.

He said the opportunities for Egyptian workers and companies in Libya would be mostly in the country’s developing IT, petroleum and construction sectors.

Prime Minister Qandil said that Egypt would cooperate with Libya on the return of assets belonging to the officials from the Moammar Gadhafi regime in a way that would satisfy all sides.

(Source: Daily Star)

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