UK Supports Women’s Empowerment in Libya

The British Embassy in Tripoli is pleased to be funding a 14-month project with DCA to support women’s empowerment in Libya.

The project started in March 2012 and is scheduled to run until May 2013. It focuses on providing training and mentoring to Libyan civil society organisations wishing to promote women’s participation in the political process and in public life, and women’s inclusion in the constitution drafting process.

We are pleased to be working on this project with DCA, an internationally respected humanitarian organisation with a strong track record in Libya, where it has been involved not only in supporting civil society but also in de-mining work and psychosocial and protection support to children.

This is one of several projects from the British Embassy to support women in Libya. Last year we helped fund the One Voice Women’s Conference in Tripoli, we made a contribution to the Yefran Women’s Centre, and we are currently also funding the British Council to carry out training for women who want to be active in public life.

We have committed to all of these projects as a result of direct requests from Libyan women and civil society organisations, who are eager to build on women’s important role in the revolution and ensure that they continue to be able to contribute to Libya’s political and economic development.

The British Embassy’s support to women is also part of our wider support to Libyan civil society. We have funded projects to support young people and former revolutionaries, improve the skills and capacity of civil society organisations, and train Libyan civil society activists to observe the elections in July.

The UK Government believes that the development of a strong civil society is crucial to Libya’s future as a free, democratic country; and having stood with the Libyan people during the revolution, we are pleased to be able to continue our support to Libya’s transition.

(Source: British Embassy)

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