Libya Opens Doors to Moroccan Workers

Moroccans workers are reportedly returning to Libya, especially now that Libyan officials have promised assistance, according to a report from Magharebia.

Many Moroccans who left after the outbreak of the Libyan revolution want to go back now that the country is stable again.

During an official visit by a Libyan delegation to Morocco in early August, Libyan Labour Minister Mustafa Rugibani told journalists that his country had opened its doors to Moroccan workers and wanted to improve their working conditions and ensure that their rights were respected.

His Moroccan counterpart, Abdelouahed Souhail, said Moroccan workers can play a part in the economic and social development of the new Libya.

Libyan officials and Moroccan diplomats in Libya will partner for a new local body to deal with visa issues, cases of missing or detained Moroccans, or property of Moroccans lost during the Libyan revolution.

(Source: Magharebia)

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