Libyan Minister in Shock Un-Resignation

AFP reports that Libya's interim interior minister returned to work on Tuesday, two days after he resigned following attacks by hardliners on Sufi Muslim shrines while the police looked on.

Fawzi Abdel Al [Fawzi Abdel-Aal, Fawzi Abdelali, Fawzi Abdel A'al] told reporters:

"I withdraw my resignation and prepare to complete the task. I thought submitting my resignation would relieve me and many others. But regrettably, it further complicated matters."

The Minister didn't elaborate on the reasons for his return to work, and defended the security forces decision not to confront the attackers:

"If we deal with this using security we will be forced to use weapons, and these groups have huge amounts of weapons. We can't be blind to this. These groups are large in power and number in Libya. I can't enter a losing battle (with them), to kill people over a grave.

"If all shrines in Libya are destroyed so we can avoid the death of one person (in clashes with security), then that is a price we are ready to pay."

It was up to the country's religious bodies to stop the desecration, he said.

A new government is expected to be named by the parliament in the coming weeks.

(Sources: AFP, Reuters, Bloomberg)

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  1. Philip J Hodkinson 4th September 2012 at 2:35 pm #

    I understand the mentality but do not know how the group desicrating shrines would react to a security force approaching them without weapons. Would they use their weapons and attack them?
    If they tried and were attacked it would be a resonable reason for the government to start the process of removing weapons from the whole country.

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