AGOCO Pre-Qual for Construction of Accommodation Blocks

The Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO) has announced opportunities for the pre-qualification of specialized companies to construct accommodation blocks at the Sarir, Nafoora, Beda, Messla and Hamada fields (Project Nos.: K-84, K-86, K-88, K-90, K-91) (Bid No.: MTC- 33/2012).

Conditions and Participation Requirements :-

All Specialized companies which desire to participate in one or more of these tenders and have the ability, past experience and qualification in the mentioned field, must submit all the supporting documents ( with the necessity to repeat submission for each tender alone ) which must include, not limited to, the following:

a. Company profile, including, name of the company, address, fax numbers, telephone numbers, website address, nationality and the decree of establishment, valid registration + work permit from Libyan chamber of commerce & economy minister, valid proof of tax payment and financial status along the last three(3) years or budget for new companies.

b. Field of activity and previous experience supported with documents.

Details of participation in similar projects and references.

Last day for submission is Monday corresponding to: 03/09/2012.

Main Tender Committee reserves the right to exclude any of the companies whom activities do not comply with or do not qualify to participate in the tenders in a satisfactory manner.

For any inquiries, please, contact the Main Tender Committee Secretariat on the following address:

Main Tender Committee –Office No.: (4)-New Building- Arabian Gulf Oil Company- Elkish- Benghazi –LIBYA -

Fax No.: 218-61 22 29006

Note: All correspondences must be addressed to Arabian Gulf Oil Company MTC Chairman

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