Four Current Ministers to Keep Jobs in New Govt

Four existing ministers are to remain in the government of Mustafa Abushagur (pictured), pending approval by the National Congress, sources close to the prime minister-elect have told the Libya Herald.

Those reported to be staying are:

  • Electricity Minister, Awad Barasi;
  • Communications Minister, Anwar Al-Fitouri;
  • Oil Minister, Abdulrahman Ben Yezza; and,
  • Education Minister, Suleiman Al-Sahli.

According to Libya Herald, this information contradicts previous reports that just Barasi and Labour Minister Mustafa Rujibani would remain in their posts.

"Rujibani has received decidedly mixed reviews as Labour Minister, whilst Oil Minister Ben Yezza is widely viewed as a competent pair of hands", the news agency said.

Abushagur is due to announce his choices for cabinet on 30 September

(Source: Libya Herald)

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