Sudan, Libya to Cooperate on Mining

The Libyan Minister of Industry, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Fetaisi [Mahmoud Fetais, Al-Fteissi, Muhammad al-Futaysi] (pictured), has met with Sudan's Minister of Minerals, Kamal Abdal-Latif, and the Chairperson of the Libyan Foundation for Mining, Ibrahim Obeid, to discuss ways of developing relations between the two countries in the field of mining.

The two sides agreed to plan for a joint mineral exploration project in the Mountain of Uweinat on the Sudanese-Libyan borders. Abdal-Latif stated that the two sides agreed upon development of the mining industry as well as adoption of joint initiatives by the two sides for the Twelfth Conference for Mineral Resources scheduled to be held in Khartoum at the end of November on the reform of the Arab Mining Company.

(Source: SUNA)

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