Ali Zidan "Favourite" in PM Race

The former independent congressman Ali Zidan has emerged as the most likely candidate to be elected Libya’s next prime minister in a vote to be held on Sunday.

According to Libya Herald, Zidan, who resigned his seat in order to run, is one of four candidates to have been chosen by a congressional committee set up to expedite the process of replacing Mustafa Abushagur, who was dismissed as prime minister-elect by a vote of Congress on 7 October.

The committee, which includes representatives from the National Forces Alliance, the Justice & Construction Party and three independent blocs in Congress, initially considered a list of some ten names.

The other three names to have been chosen are:

  • former deputy UN ambassador Ibrahim Dabbashi;
  • Local Government Minister Mohamed Al-Harari; and,
  • Abdulhamid Al-Nami, a professor of politics at Tripoli University.

(Source: Libya Herald)


One Response to Ali Zidan "Favourite" in PM Race

  1. Ammr S. 12th October 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    the desaster continues! I hope for the GNC members (leaders of the libyan people) to vote for the most skilled candidate. And that the GNC stops playin God!

    The whole process which started in Ramadan till today is comparable to 42 years Qaddafi desaster, Iraq & Afghanistan in one place and short time!

    Luckily there are plenty libyans outside politics who do & try to do the right thing!

    My favourite was to keep Keib in order he would be able to clean up the mess & than an elected PM who has the finished constitution in hands takes over & continous. Instead the fluctuation for PM is higher than in any world & in 3 years we had already voted & dismissed all 6 million libyans for PM.

    GNC get your ... Up & let whoever will be elected as PM to choose his team & leave him alone.

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