Every Family to Receive 1,000 dinars for Eid

Every family in Libya is to be given 1,000 dinars to celebrate Eid Al-Adha, which this year will start on 26th October, reports Libya Herald.

The donation, approved by the General National Congress, is to help families cover the cost of the festival.

According to the report, a "reasonable sheep" is reckoned to cost in the region of LD 800; the report did not mention the market price of unreasonable sheep.

The plan is likely to cost in excess of LD 1 billion and may inflate prices on the sheep market.

Payment is expected to take at least two months, and Congress is currently in discussions with the Central Bank regarding the mechanics of implementing the scheme.

This is the third time since the end of the revolution last year the authorities have decided to make a payment to the population.

The move follows a one-off payment of LD 2,000 to every family last February to celebrate the first anniversary of the revolution, and payments to revolutionaries who fought in war, amounting to LD 4,000 for married fighters and LD 2,400 for unmarried fighters.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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