Tobruk's Commercial Prospects "on the Rise"

The Naples-based shipping giant Grimaldi Lines reportedly routed one of its container vessels to Tobruk on Sunday, in what Libya Herald describes as a promising sign of increased commercial interest in the eastern town.

Tobruk is not on the company's list of regular routes, but it is reported to have received sufficient orders from the area to warrant the visit.

Port authorities say that some 900 used cars were amongst the goods offloaded, ordered by merchants from all over Libya.

Tobruk is gradually becoming a more important commercial location, and the General Department of Ports is said to be considering plans to develop facilities there.

In recent months, however, Tobruk is also believed to have become a favoured terminus for smuggled goods en-route to Egypt, because of its comparatively low levels of monitoring and its proximity to the border.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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