Maintenance Mostly Completed at Sirte Airport

Maintenance and repair work has been now been completed on most sections of Sirte airport, according to a report from Libya Herald.

The airport’s director, Ramadan Ahmed Saghayir, said that work to the air-traffic control tower, the main runway, the supply-runway and all airport navigation systems had now finished, and that a new runway night lighting systems had now been installed.

Work on the electricity supply, communications and air conditioning had been completed.

Only some specialist aircraft are using the airport at present, however, with work still to do before a full commercial service can be resumed, and no firm date has yet been given for when the airport will be reopened.

The airport is still in need of fire engines, fuel-refilling tanks, security inspection equipment and back-up power generators. Maintenance work on energy conservation equipment has still not yet been completed.

The airport was bombed in March last year and suffered further damage as a consequence of military units being stationed nearby.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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