Sonatrach Pre-Qual for Seismic Data at Ghadames

Sonatrach intends to pre-qualify experienced and reputable contractors for its bid for 3D Land Seismic Data Processing Tender Ref: SH-PR01/2012

Contractors shall provide a sufficient hardware, software and qualified, experienced personnel to perform a service of land seismic data processing. This service will concern the 3D survey of about 970 sqkm in Area 095/096, Ghadames Basin, Libya.

Interested contractors are invited to provide the following information:

. Copy of company registration in Libya and licenses confirming the eligibility of working in compliance with the applicable laws and procedures in Libya.

. Company Profile and Experience in this type of services.

. Financial Status of the company and Organization chart for the last three years.

. Submission of an updated tax declaration statement from the Tax Department.

. A statement about company’s situation with respect to Social Security status in Libya.

. CV of key personnel and address of company’s main office in Libya.

. Experience works of the contractor in providing seismic processing service during the last three years in Libya and even outside Libya.

The Pre-qualification required documents should be presented to the following address, under hard (Paper) and soft (CD) copy forms, before November 11th 2012 at 1500 pm.

SIPEX Libyan Branch

Kaab Ibn Malek Street, Bin Ashur area. TRIPOLI. LIBYA

Phone: + 218 21 363 5927/+ 218 21 363 5937

Fax: + 218 21 363 5952

· The pre-qualification request is not an invitation to tender.

All responses will be treated without any engagement from SIPEX Libyan Branch.

· The ITT will only be issued to companies that have been pre-qualified.

· SIPEX Libyan Branch keep the right to check all the information provided in the pre-qualification documents.

· SIPEX Libyan Branch may include site visits by its representative

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