Strike Averted at Zawiya Refinery

The employees of the Zawiya Oil Refining Company averted a strike and operations were reported to be running on schedule on Wednesday, but a small demonstration demanding better security for their company would be held.

Earlier this week, a group of war veterans demanding better government compensation and medical treatment blocked the entrance to the refinery and stopped operations for two days, leading to long queues at petrol stations and a shortage of fuel in the capital.

Refinery employees had threatened to strike until the government met their demands for better security.

(Sources: Reuters, AFP)

One Response to Strike Averted at Zawiya Refinery

  1. Phil Hodkinson 13th November 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    I am working with Libyan partners and will need to send out UK personnel soon. Recruitment is difficult wholly due to the instability of the security situation.
    If the different factions want their demands and concerns to be taken seriously, they need to work for the country as a whole rather than their individual circumstances.
    If they can be made to understand this. Libya's future and prosperity will be guaranteed quite quickly.
    If not, these wrangles will go on indefinitely and their individual aspirations perhaps never be met.

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