Medserv Expands Management for Libyan Opportunities

Medserv plc has set up a new division to cater to niche activity that has presented itself post conflict in Libya. The company is expanding its portfolio of services, and now provide maintenance of plant and equipment in the oil and gas sector to clients demanding the high standard expected in the industry.

The Company has appointed Martin Galea as Head of Technical Division of the Medserv Group.

Post revolution Libya has presented us with many difficulties but also, many opportunities.” commented Group Chairman, Anthony Diacono. “We are expanding and strengthening our team of professionals to take the company to the next level. We have responded to niche activity that has presented itself post conflict, and are taking capitalising on the goodwill created over 40 years of service to the oil and gas industry in logistics and support. Martin Galea has joined Medserv and will be taking responsibility for this new Technical Division.

Mr. Galea has over 35 years of experience spearheading technical and maintenance industrial projects, having worked as a project manager and consultant with oil companies, refineries, chemical companies, as well as marine businesses both locally as well as in North Africa.

The role of the technical team is to assist and advise management on technical projects as well as pilot new projects the Group has been awarded. The team is also marketing its services within Libya to acquire and develop this new business line. Martin will be responsible for both project management and business development of the new technical division.

The Company reports that the first substantial contract has been won and work has already commenced.

(Source: Medserv)

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