Zueitina Tender for Environment Baseline Survey (EBS)

Zueitina Oil Company intends to issue the below tender and wishes to invite experienced and reputable Consultants / Bidders specialized in similar types of work.

Brief Description of study:

Zueitina Oil Company requires that an Environment Baseline Survey (EBS) is to be performed in preparation for a development of onshore oil fields.

The ultimate goal of the Environment Baseline Survey (EBS) is to identify preexisting environmental and social conditions, risks and liabilities throughout the study area and any significant environmental impacts of the project activities, such that appropriate mitigation measures can be determined to avoid, reduce or remediate adverse effects.

The information gathered during this process will serve as a baseline for environmental conditions that need to be considered when forecasting changes, both positive and negative, that may occur as a result of development. These studies would be carried out in three phases.

- Assessment of existing conditions.

- Remediation

- Project impact assessment

Interested Consultants Offices / Bidders to participate in the above Tender shall fulfil the following qualification requirements for participating in the Tender.

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