LTT Denies Sabotaging Facebook

Libya Telecom & Technology (LTT) has denied that recent interruptions to the Facebook service were caused by LTT, or were in any way an attempt to control free speech.

According to a report from Libya Herald, rumours quickly spread on Wednesday evening when the serice stopped working in large parts of Libya; Facebook is arguably the most popular medium through which Libyans voice their criticisms of the new authorities.

With continued disruption through much of Thursday, with many Libyans quickly turned to Twitter to vent their frustration at what many perceived as an Orwellian attempt to control free speech in post-Qaddafi Libya.

LTT -- which is owned by the Libyan Company for Post, Telecommunications and Information Technology -- issued a statement on its own Facebook page to say that the social network site had stopped working "owing to the same site, nothing to do with the company to stop it at all".

Ali Tweel, a member of the Libya Electronic Front, an online community that believes in universal internet accessibility and technological literacy "reluctantly apologised" to LTT for initially blaming it for blocking Facebook, and suggested practical explanations as to why Facebook was not working.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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