Malta Gets EU Funds to Strengthen Libya Presence

The Times of Malta reports that Malta has been given more than €1 million in EU funding to boost its diplomatic and consular presence in Libya.

The country is to have three representative and consular offices in Libya.

In addition to the head office in Tripoli and the more recent temporary office in Benghazi, opened after the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime, Malta is planning to open a new office in Misurata to issue visas and offer other consular services.

The European Commission has approved a Maltese application for assistance under the European Border Fund specifically for this project, with a second application currently being evaluated.

“Brussels has acknowledged Malta’s role to act as a bridge between the EU and Libya and has already given the green light for this plan to materialise,” sources close to the Commission said.

Malta was one of the first European countries to resume offering diplomatic and consular services from Libya after the civil war.

The plan should also facilitate business contacts between Malta and Libya, which are picking up considerably.

(Source: Times of Malta)

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