Supply & Installation of Evacuation Siren at Mellitah

The Mellitah Oil & Gas Company intends to issue the below tender and wishes to invite for pre-qualification interested, experienced and reputable contractors specialized in providing similar services. The pre-qualification submission will be evaluated to establish the Bidder List for the tender:

TENDER NO. (709)

Supply and Installation of Overall Evacuation Siren System at Mellitah Complex .


• Procurement and installation of Evacuation Siren System at Mellitah Complex.

• Design of system shall be in reference to Plant Noise analysis and study.

• System shall be harmonized /integrated with existing Mellitah Complex fire and gas System in regards to fire gas alarms.

• Installation of Loudspeakers /Siren shell take into account that alarms /broadcast coverage shall whole Mellitah Complex sites (Wafa Coastal ,Mellitah Plant, Logistic area and Green Stream Facility ).

The Contractor shall adhere to standard specifications and technical requirements, which include the scope of work.

The Contractor shell also, adheres to all of the Mellitah company for oil and gas standards, government regulations and industry practices where applicable.

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