Huawei, Hatif Libya, Sign $5.2m Contract

The Libyan phone company Hatif Libya has signed a LD 6.5-million [$5.2-million] contract with Chinese telecoms company Huawei for a cable maintenance and expansion project link in Wahat region.

According to Libya Herald, the project is for maintenance of the existing offshore underwater cable and the installation of a “next generation” digital cable between Ajdabiya and Kufra.

The Minister of Communications, Osama Siala [Osama Abdurauf Siala], who attended the signing ceremony, said:

We will be focusing in the coming period on providing the needed services for the users and the ways to improve the standards of services provided through telecommunications companies affiliated with the ministry.”

Last month, ADSL internet services were set up in Kufra by telecommunications company LTT.

(Source: Libya Herald)

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