Another Big Year for Libya

2012 has been a momentous year for Libya, with the holding of the first democratic elections since 1952, followed by the transfer of power from the National Transitional Council, and the election by the Congress of Ali Zidan as Prime Minister, after two unsuccessful attempts by Mustafa Abushagur.

Sadly, the difficulties in bringing law and order to the country, exemplified by the killing of the US ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans at their consulate in Benghazi, have still not been overcome; the year ended with the bombing of the headquarters of the public prosecutor in Benghazi, and the killing of two people in a bomb attack on a Christian Church in Misrata.

But despite the well-documented problems, the private sector is expanding, oil production is close to pre-revolution levels, and Libyans are returning from overseas to help build the new Libya.

This is a challenging and exciting time for all involved, and Libya Business News remains committed to keeping you updated.

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