Conference Promotes Benghazi as Economic Capital

Benghazi Chamber of Commerce is planning an "International Conference for Benghazi Economic Capital - Reality and Ambition", to take place at the Islamic Call Society Building in Benghazi, from 21st to 23rd January.

According to the Chamber's website:

"The conference aims to identify a comprehensive vision for the future of the city of Benghazi in the context of sustainable development, in line with the requirements of the era and meet the needs of the economic capital, and through the identification of the elements of economical process and identify the weaknesses and ways to find solutions optimize them and develop the city commercially and technically and administratively, put a futuristic vision of the economic city in the context of sustainable development and the reconstruction process."

(Source: Benghazi Chamber of Commerce)

(Picture: The Old Town of Benghazi. Credit: Dennixo)

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  1. Maqsood Mir 8th January 2013 at 2:40 pm #

    I am very much interested in working partnership with Benghazi education sector in any education organisation. I like to know the outcome of conference and the area they identified for improvement. I also wish to see Libya work and build new partnerships with the rest of the world.

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