Up to 13 Killed in Drug Gang / Militia Battles in Tripoli

According to Libya Business News sources in Tripoli, unrest is spreading through the city, initially sparked by the killing of a drug dealer by the Al Nawasi brigade in the Fashloom area on Monday.

This led to clashes on Tuesday in the Suq al Juma area in which some reports say eight members of the Al Nawasi brigade were killed, although the official report says one person was killed.

Wednesday morning saw further violence, with the Al Nawasi brigade reportedly killing four drug gang members in the Ghararat area; the Deputy Minister of Interior said just four people were injured.

Brigades from Fashloom, Zawyat Aldahmani/Ghararat are then said to have entered the Al Nawasi base inside Mittiga Airbase and freed a number of prisoners. Heavy machine-gun fire has been reported.

Prime Minister Ali Zeidan [Zidan] has called on everyone to obey the law, and the Attorney General has launched in investigation into the original incident.

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